Can I Sue My Employer or School for a Heatstroke Personal Injury?

Heatstroke at work or school

The most serious of the heat-related injuries is the Heatstroke, which occurs when the body temperature is so overheated that the heat regulation mechanism breaks down and is not able to cool down the body. The body temperature reaches 105°F, which leads to red hot dry skin, shallow breathing and decreased level of consciousness. Immediate medical attention is necessary for heat stroke cases, if left untreated it can lead to brain damage, destruction of tissues kidney failure and affect heart and muscles severely.

Heat stroke can occur due to various circumstances like athletes overexerting in hot climate, children playing in sun, long working hours in sun over the instruction of employer. Whether one can sue the other party for the heat stroke?

Here are some cases in which you can:

Heatstroke in School – Liability of School Authorities

There have often been cases where school children are exerted in conditions where there is a possibility of heat stroke or even been pushed to continue their practice after repeated complaints. Usually, when children play outside, the person supervising them is held liable, if there arises a case of heat stroke. In cases of school, the administrator of school athletic program or coach can be held liable if measures are not taken to prevent heart stroke or providing medical assistance in case of emergency.

Employer’s Liability

As an adult, you are aware of the nuances of heat stroke and how it happens, still, the employer is required to maintain a safe working environment for its employees and make sure that they remain hydrated. If heat stroke occurs to any employee even after taking every measure to prevent it, the employer will stand liable for the same.

Liability in Events/Meetings

You sue the employer when you suffer an injury during employment hours, you sue the school authorities when heat stroke occurs under their supervision but what happens when you attend an event and suffer from a heat stroke injury?

In such cases, event organizer or businesses can be held liable if such injury occurs on their premises, as consumer safety is one of the top priorities in outdoor events.

Heat stroke can be prevented if one goes under the shadow, stay hydrated, jumping in the pool or standing under a fan. However it is not always possible to prevent one and thus if one suffers from such injury one can always sue the authorities, employer, business or event organizers.

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