Can Child Custody & Visitation rights be Given to an Alcoholic Parent
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Over our lifetime, there are several occasions during which alcohol is consumed in moderate to large quantities. From weekly happy hours to a glass of wine with dinner, alcohol plays role in several aspects of our lives. Thus, it is not surprisingly that excessive intake of alcohol can also become a factor in the case of a divorce. Because our inebriated selves aren’t always on best behavior, excessive drinking can often result in tensed relationships. In such cases, how do we decide when drinking becomes abuse?

Here’s a brief discussion on the question of alcoholism and child custody –

Parents and Child Custody

Parents claiming for child custody rights should bear in mind the best interests of the child. His/her happiness, security, mental health and emotional development should to be considered while making decisions regarding visitation hours and custodial rights.Thus, if you are negotiating child custody out of purview of courts, the child’s best interests should be the most essential component to be taken care of while coming up with an arrangement plan.

A child’s best interest will include their own wishes, considering how old they are. The courts will also focus on the need for continuation of a stable home environment and may also consider the adjustments that new schools or communities may require. While deciding who gets the legal custody of a child, the courts will also scrutinize home environment of where they had been raised and see if there was a pattern of domestic/emotional abuse or any excessive disciplinary methods were used. These factors will be used as an evidence to prove parental drug or alcohol abuse.

Alcoholics and Alcohol Abuse

A parent who drinks alcohol does not automatically imply that they would lose custody or visitation rights and even if a parent has been diagnosed with alcoholism, he/she would not be denied such rights either. Recovering alcoholics have proven to be capable of providing for a child’s best interests. However, if such a parent is unable to responsibly manage their addiction, then custody and visitation rights may be denied to them.
Alcohol abuse is a serious ground for termination of parental rights, if a long-term incapacity is proven. So, in case you are concerned about a prior diagnosis of alcoholism will negatively affect your custody right, or if you can’t trust your ex because he/she drinks too much, then it is advisable that you contact a child custody attorney and discuss the legal options available to you.

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