First steps after a Personal Injury Accident - Comprehensive guide in an Injury Claim
Injured woman considering her first steps to file an injury claim. Image source: Shutterstock

If you have been hurt in an accident, first step has to be to recover from the injury. Once you are ready to move forward with filing a injury claim, keep the following steps in mind:

  1. Make sure to collect all the information you can, surrounding your accident. The more details you can remember, the more helpful it would be.
  2. Collecting information includes taking photographs, producing medical records, conversing with other people who may have been involved in the accident and getting contact information of the witnesses.

1Notifying the other party about the claim for personal injury

In the case where you are filing a suit against a private entity and not the government, there is no time limit stipulated in which you have to notify that person of your intent.  However it is preferable that you communicate your intent early since this will help you preserve your rights and the defendants would not be able to argue that you waited too long before notifying them of your injuries. This process of notification does not mean that you have to necessarily file a suit.

2Time limit to file a successful lawsuit to be compensated

Laws on “statutes of limitations” exist that provide the maximum time within which you have to bring certain types of lawsuits.  If this time expires, you may get barred from bringing a lawsuit for your type of claim altogether. In case you need to file a suit against the government, you are given a limited amount of time depending on the place you live at. This period usually ranges between 30 days to a year. If you fail to adhere this limitation period, you lose a chance at getting the compensation successfully.

3Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

In most injury cases, hiring a personal injury lawyer is an affordable step to take. An initial consultation is usually free of charge and would help you with the next step that needs to be taken. You should hire a lawyer who is reputable and with whom you share a sense of comfort.

4Early Resolution

Depending on the severity of your case, the requested study amount may get resolved early. Early resolutions are a win/win situation in the right cases. When the facts are clear, defendants prefer saving themselves the time and expense of going to court and settle outside the judicial processes. However do keep in mind that insurance companies would try to negotiate with your initial claim and so it is advisable to consult an attorney on the matter.

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