Liability for Injury in Multiple Car Accident – Who Do I Sue and Who is Responsible?

Liability for Injury in Multiple Car Accident

With thousands of vehicles on the roads, it’s not unusual or surprising to meet with an accident. When someone says Accident, a pre-notion comes as a two vehicle accident where either one is at fault or the other. But with growing number of vehicles, multiple vehicle accidents or chain reaction accidents are growing too!

The question here is whose fault was the chain reaction and who do I sue for it? To answer these questions here are some points to be considered when you are involved in such type of an accident.

Who to Sue – A Scenario

Let’s take an example where 3 cars named A, B, & C are involved in an accident. Suppose Driver C is driving safely on the road when suddenly Driver B, who was drunk driving, comes to halt by crashing into Driver A because he didn’t notice Driver A applying brakes due to a constructional hazard on the road and because Driver B’s tail lights were not working properly Driver C smashes his car into driver B. In the above example Driver A can sue Driver B and C and the construction company for negligence. Driver B also suffering some injuries may sue Driver C.

Determining the Liability

To understand who carries the burden of Liability, the concept of pure comparative and modified comparative negligence has to be clear. In case of Pure comparative negligence even if the jury finds Driver C 99% negligent he will still be able to recover some damages. While in the case of modified comparative negligence Driver C will be able to recover damages only if the jury finds him less than 50% responsible for the Accident.

What to do Immediately

A lot of money is at stake when involved in a multi-vehicle accident. Contacting your insurance agent and lawyer is the first step. Obtaining witness contact information and discussing your insurance details with all the drivers involved is crucial. In these types of accidents Umbrella insurance proves to be a vital resource.

Surely no one wants to be involved in any type of vehicle accident, but in case you find yourself in such a situation, contacting your attorney, and knowing the basic facts about the determination of Liability can help you save yourself from a lot of unexpected forthcoming.

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