Illegal Reserved Parking Spots
Graphical representation of reserved parking spots.

We have all at some point experienced the frustration of trying to park our cars somewhere, only to find the “reserved” sign or someone holding the spot for another driver.

In times of hurry, one often wonders what would be the consequences of parking in such reserved spots. We also wonder if these reserved parking spots are legally enforceable, let’s find out in this post.

Public vs. Private Spheres of Reserved Parking Spots

When we are issued parking tickets from municipal authorities, it is an easy task to pay up and avoid any further legal actions. However a vast number of reserved parking spaces are in private property like garages. Thus these spaces do not fall under the purview of public spheres and so it is not simple to merely get away with paying a parking ticket in such cases.

The local law officers are in charge of enforcing a standard public parking violation rules, like issuing a ticket to those who violate them. But in the realm of private parking spaces, the enforcement of such parking is left upon the owner of the property. This difference in enforcement can lead to slight confusions and varied enforcement of laws.

Moreover since the reserved spaces in question are on private property, the property owners are given the leverage to place certain reasonable restriction on persons who will be allowed to park on their property and during what times.

it has become a general norm that owners of most reserved parking spots can legally enforce these restrictions on unwanted guests.

Towed Away

In majority of cases, when you park in a spot that has been reserved, your car will end up getting towed. Property owners have the legal right to tow any illegally parked vehicle from their property at any given time.

This has led some states to make laws on how tow companies can operate. Thus as long as a tow company adheres to the said laws, property owners can legally tow cars out of parking spaces. Therefore to avoid getting it such issues, it is best that you don’t park in any kind of reserved spaces. This is more so because getting your car towed can also result in a lot of unnecessary loss of money and time in getting your car back from the tow company.

Avoid Cleared Space

You must also make a note to not park your car in a space that someone else has cleared up (shoveling of snow during winters or raking of dried leaves in autumn), since doing so would infringe upon their private parking space!

Thus, it is always advisable to avoid reserved parking spaces and try to find an unreserved slot. It is not worth the time and money to jostle with the owner of a parking slot. In addition, as these laws varies across the cities in the United States, thus, it will be a good idea to read city rules and if needed, contact the local enforcement agency for further clarification.

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